Why 1000-Lb Sisters Fans Think Amy’s Weight Loss Is A ‘Sham’

1000-lb Sister star Amy’s weight loss efforts have stalled, and fans are doubting her true intentions. Will she ever get her health goals on track?

Amy Halterman made great strides at the beginning of her weight loss journey on 1000-lb Sisters, but now fans think her efforts are a sham. She remained dedicated and focused on her weight loss and health goals, so she could receive the life-changing bariatric surgery she desperately wanted. Since then, the reality star is slowly slipping back into old habits.

Even though 1000-lb Sister Amy, who’s delusional about her weight gain, has not been diagnosed with a food addiction like her older sister, Tammy Slaton, she does enjoy junk food and soda just as much. These indulgences were difficult to give up when she started her weight loss journey, but she knew the importance her health-conscious decisions would have on the scale. Now that the 1000-lb Sister star has made it to her goal and has two beautiful children, fans fear she is giving up and returning to her previous way of life without concern for her health.


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When she was pregnant with her first son Gage Halterman, Tammy pointed out that 1000-lb Sister Amy’s pregnancy cravings were worrisome, and was using it as an excuse to eat whatever she wanted without consequence. It seems that fans are siding with Tammy about the direction Amy is heading as her progress has stalled. Fans of 1000-lb Sisters discussed their point of view on the Reddit thread u/Masta-Blasta, and feel Amy no longer cares about her long-term health. One fan posted in the thread, “There is no happy ending. Amy just posted a video a day ago on her YouTube channel, and she looks as large as Tammy. Her weight loss was a sham. Just wanted to have babies that’s all.”

Starting a family and becoming a mother was Amy’s motivation for putting in the work to lose weight. It seems now that 1000-lb Sister‘s star Amy has two kids, which was her ultimate goal, she hasn’t been as diligent in her food choices. Amy has instead indulged in her cravings and lost sight of all the progress she has made. while some 1000-lb Sister fans felt Amy should have some grace since she just had her second baby, others didn’t think it was a legitimate excuse to abandon her progress entirely. Another Reddit user commented on the thread, “I don’t think having a baby is an excuse. She fell of [sic] the wagon long ago and used her pregnancies as an excuse to eat a lot of things she shouldn’t have.”

Since Amy and Tammy have significant weight loss goals, their journeys have the potential to be a much-needed source of inspiration for viewers. Watching Amy and Tammy not overcoming their problems and not trying to put in any more effort than they have is frustrating for 1000-lb Sister fans. Amy has proven that she is capable of change on the show, and viewers hope that she will get back into that mindset for the sake of her health and her children. Another Reddit user said, “She’s not perfect by any means, but it seems to me that she’s sincerely trying and slowly crawling out of a very deep hole.”

Amy and Tammy both have a long way to go, but fans aren’t giving up on them and the progress they can make. It has not been announced if and when 1000-lb Sisters is expected to return, but viewers are hopeful the sisters will take advantage of the support they have to start making some changes. As Amy adjusts to life with two children, she is slowly getting back on track and making her health a top priority again.

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