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Post-pregnancy fitness tips: How to reduce belly fat after delivery | Health

Pregnancy is a beautiful as well as life-changing experience for many. One of the common problems women face after their delivery is belly fat that sometimes refuses to go away even after months. New mothers apart from all the challenges of this new phase also struggle with this uncomfortable bulge around their abdomen and wonder why their belly continues to look bigger even after child birth. Belly fat post pregnancy can be reduced by breastfeeding and exercises that will not only help you lose weight around the abdominal area but also strengthen your pelvic floor, abdomen and lower back muscles. (Also read: Postpartum women’s health and fitness issues and tips to work on them)


Dr. Priya Singh (PT), Women’s Health Physiotherapist & Lactation Consultant, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, Vashi explains why your belly remains bigger post pregnancy and what can be done about

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