Missouri State University hosts SpringMO Black Wellness Intuitive

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- People gathered in Springfield today to address health concerns among Springfield’s black population as part of a multi-year effort. Data from the CDC shows that younger black Americans are living with, or dying of conditions typically found in older ages.

To address these conditions locally, a group of community leaders, healthcare workers, business owners, students, and civic workers have been working together to create a plan to improve the health outcomes of black residents who live in the Springfield area.

“The goal of this initiative is to bring awareness to health disparities in the black community in Springfield and bring about some education, empowerment, engagement, and conversations around health issues that affect the black community and especially the black community here in Springfield, Missouri, said SpringMO Black Wellness Intuitive spokesperson Melesha Bailey.

This event was funded by the Missouri Office of Minority Health. The goal is to influence and adopt health policies and best practices that consistently increase health equity.

You can find out more about the SpringMO Black Wellness Intuitive here.